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2815 Ellsworth CLOSED!

This charming Berkeley home got lots of serious attentions. After receiving 9 offers in less than 2 weeks, we closed escrow last week and sold at $1,835,000.

You wanna see more details inside? Check out here.

The stock market is volatile. The inflation is getting all time high. The housing market is still strong but calming down. Is it a good time to buy a home?

Yes, for sure.

Though mortgage rates are becoming high, it could be higher in the future. Locking your living cost by buying a home in a fixed interest rate will keep your housing expense stays the same. It doesn't matter how much inflation rates increase.

If you are renting, your rent will increase with inflation rates. How awful is it! Everything is getting expensive: grocery, gas, clothes, furnitures etc., etc.,

Consider your home as a long term investment.

The housing market is one of the best investment in the era of a high inflation.

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