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Choose Your Agent

I'm glad you've found me. We will work together to sell your home at the best price and terms. Let's start our journey!

Market your property

Time to put your property to MLS, brochure ready, open house, etc. ,etc., Exciting!!

Sign the Listing Paperwork

Before we start working together, we will review our listing paperwork.  We shall trust each other and find exactly where we stand.


Find a buyer and negotiate

When you market your home right, there is always at least a buyer who falls in love with your home. Hopefully we find not only one but a few more.

Determine the  List Price

Setting a list price may be one of the most critical marketing strategies. Let's set it right after determining the current market value of your home in the current market condition.

Open Escrow

Once you find your buyer and negotiate terms and conditions, you finally sign the contract. We open an escrow account and start to close this escrow as smooth as possible.

Prepare for Listing

Making your home  show off at its best, I may suggest repairs, painting, de cluttering, deep cleaning, & staging. Once it's done, it's a photo time.

Close Escrow

When all contingenceis are cleared, you as a seller, and your buyer sign closing documents. An escrow officer records transfer deeds at a county. You will receive all your proceeds. Congratulations!

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