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Just Sold - 1451 78th Ave

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This was listed at $435,000, and sold at $450,000 with 5 offers in 10 days!

We are in a pandemic but buyers are eager to find their new homes. During the 10 days of listing, there were constant previews by qualified buyers. Why did I know they were qualified? It's because that they all needed to show me they were pre-approved and ready to commit if they liked the property.

Many people need to work from home now and are trying to find more space, especially if they need to share a space with kids young and/or old 24/7. Families try to escape the city to find bigger and cheaper dwellings. It makes sense since things city used to offer are no longer there: great restaurants, shoppings, close to work, no car commutes, etc., etc.,

How long will this last? No one has clue yet. Stay tuned and stay informed. If you have any questions in East Bay real Estate, please make sure to ring my phone!

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Thank you for a fantastic testimonial!

I would highly recommend Hiroko Tsumori if you are looking for someone to help you buy or sell a home. She was absolutely outstanding real estate agent from beginning to end. she was very knowledgable


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