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Just Sold in the Oakland Hills - Preparation is the key to scucess!

Power of preparation!

I have been focusing on preparing properties before listing on market. It's the most important aspect of selling them the fastest and the highest in my personal opinion.

For this project, the owner and I started discussing the matter last year. We carefully chose the most effective way to attract buyers. I won't say renovation and repair work is not easy or cheap. But by choosing right items, we will achieve our goal.

When you need major structural works that won't change physical appeals of the property, you may want to disclose the issues and pass onto the next owner. However, if all you need to do is cosmetic changes like painting, resurfacing hardwood floors, changing deck boards, etc., it may be worth in order to put your property onto the category of ready to move in, which all prospective buyers would love.

Here is some photos of before and after:

The property was listed at $1,095,000 and sold at $1,550,000 with multiple offers. It went to pending less than 2 week, and closed in 15 days after that. Almost 5 months of preparation and only one months after debuting the market! The long preparation which was a part of shall I say product improvement, and marketing efforts totally paid off.

Some agents make efforts in selling parts: doing open houses so many times, reducing/adjusting price a few times in order to find buyers. Me? I focus on pre-sales product improvement and marketing so that once it hits market, there are enough demands to attract right kind of buyers.

Are you interested in working with me for your next real estate sale? Please contact me so that we can discuss strategies to make this happen.

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