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Location, Location, and Location!

Three things you want to consider when you buy your property: Location, location, and location!

That's right. Anything else can be changed but not the location.

I think it's still true to say: if you want to get a greatest returns of investment, buy an uglier, smaller home in a nicest location you can afford to buy.

So now we are in 2024. Buyers are hesitant to buy home when the interest rate becomes quite high. It seems to be going down. But how much?

As a homeowner, here is my dilemma. I am not really happy to be in my current home. But my mortgage interest rate is 2.25%. I can't abandon this historically low interest rate yet. Even I buy a cheaper house, my mortgage will be for sure higher.

How about you? There are many sellers who can't give up their low mortgage rate like me. That's one of the reasons the inventory is still low.

But now.....

You may encounter some significant life events like: retirement, moving back to home country, marriage, divorce, etc., etc., When one of these events hit you, you will need to make decision to sell and/or buy....

Let's discuss!

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