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Making Your Home Green

I live in East Bay for over 10 years now and feel the change of climates every year.

The first year, there were only a couple days of really hot days during the summer and mostly mild winter. No complains.

Then gradually but surely summers are getting hotter, and winters colder. Besides during the hot, dry, and windy days, the power will be shut down to reduce risk of wild fire. It happened just once a few years ago, but last year we had at least a few times with multiple days of power outage.

Making home greener is more important than ever not only to save money but also fight against the climate change.

What are you doing to make your home green?

Here are some things you can consider:

1. Install programmable thermostats.

2. Replace your light bulbs to LEDs.

3. Fix all air leaks around windows and doors.

4. Choose energy-efficient appliances when you upgrade them.

5. Insulate your homes: especially attics and floors, since insulating behind walls are

bit difficult and expensive.

6. Solar panel on your roof? If you are getting enough sun, it may be a great time to


7. Change your toilet with low flow and faucets/shower head with lower water


8. Invest in good curtains to avoid heat and cold.

Well there are a lot more you can do. But implementing a few easy ones can make a big difference.

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