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428 Alice St - Market Report

The Holiday Season is near. Yet, the real estate market has a lot to offer!

There are two units for sale at 428 Alice st in Jack London Square. I like this building. It's simple yet elegant. Amenities may be minimal but it has at least an exercise gym and barbecue area for gathering.

Here are two units available right now:

Unit 503 (1 bed, 1 bath) 726 sq ft, Listed $599,000 DOM 67 DAYS The windows seems facing toward the Oakland Hills.

Unit 804 ( 2 bed, 2 baths) 1164 sq ft, Listed at $799,000 DOM 42 DAYS(Originally listed at $850,000, then reduced to $829,000. and today it went down to $799,000)

Now check out the sales report since January 2017.

List price is not necessary the price a seller is willing to sell. However, if you assume it may since these two properties are on the market long enough, the price for 1 bedroom unit is the price level in 2018 (could be the late 2017), and that of 2 bedroom unit is definitely the price level in early 2018.

We only can examine the past numbers to predict the future. But the condo market seems weakening in East Bay.

Happy House Hunting! Buyers now may have more power to negotiate deals with sellers!

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