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Flying from SFO to KIX

It's almost in the middle of February. Time passes by so fast. Make sure you hang on tight!

Did you know that ANA was trying to fly from SFO to KIX on the 13th of March? I think this is the first direct flight between these two cities since the pandemic. I am from Osaka and would love to visit my parents. I am checking this flight constantly. Yes, you can fly to Osaka direct by ANA and will come back using United if you want direct flight.

It's complicated for sure. The ANA flight still says that it needs the government approval. It also unpredictable what will happens for the return flight. It all depends on the status of the COVID-19.

Getting refunds for previous tickets took more than six months. I am sure airlines are getting use to it. But still I want to avoid the same situation if all possible.

Do you have a travel plan? How are you dealing with?

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