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Summer Dinner Party

Updated: May 3, 2019

Summer is here.

We had a long rainy winter this year but now it's all behind us and Labor Day is around the corner. What is your plan? Will you cook and invite your friends for a party? If so, there are three things you may want to consider....

1. Lighting: it's very important. Whether you want your party to be in your backyard or an intimate dining room, you really want to find a best lighting to suit your setting. Adding candles are really nice but make sure it will be safe if you want to lit them outside.

2. Fresh & Simple: Because of the season, you will find many seasonal vegetables that are great for simple cooking. Don't sweat too much. Fresh and simple food will do it and enjoy your company.

3. Kids and Pets: Oops sorry for mixing up kids and pets. I have two each.:) Mine don't need much care anymore but if you have small ones, make sure they are entertained and safe if they are also attending the party. Or you may want to send them away to their friends home for sleepover! And pets.... Don't lose them while people come and go. Some are well behaved, I am sure. But if you have dogs like mine (beagles), please make sure they won't sneak around and eat all the goodies. I know mine will do till they drop dead!

Okay. Now shall we enjoy our p a r t y ? H A P P Y S U M M E R ! ! !

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