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Oakland Measure W

----- here is your empty house, and now comes your tax duty to keep it.------

The Oakland Measure W is in effect now. But how many home owners know? How many owners affected by this new Measure will actually pay for this tax?

If you don't know Measure W, here is the summary:

The Measure is to fund homeless services and resources to address illegal dumping, and discourage vacant properties, by enacting a Vacant Property Tax on parcels used less than 50 days per year, at annual rates of $6,000 per parcel, $3,000 for condominium units, and other specified rates; raising about $10,000,000 annually for 20 years; with community oversight and exemptions for very low income, low-income seniors and hardship, be adopted.

Here is an article from San Francisco Chroniole.

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