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Rare Bargain Homes in Berkeley

Berkeley is one of the most sought after cities in East Bay and its real estate was quite hot and expensive. Since late last year however, the price hasn't been so ridiculously high. And some of the houses were sold at quite attractive price.

Here are three example:

1. 2411 6Th St in West Berkeley - Listed at $650,000 and Sold at $580,000

It's a fixer and has two dwellings - one with tenants. It may be a bit complicated but for $580,000, it seems quite a bargain to get any properties in Berkeley. It was sold in 7 days with all cash!

2. 1322 Curtis St - Listed at $749,000 and Sold at $850,000

This is located in Westbrae, one of the most favorite neighborhoods in Berkeley. This is another 2-unit property. So, it was a bargain! It was sold in 14 days with all cash.

3. 2153 Sacramento St - Listed at $899,000 and Sold at $935,000

This is a clean move-in ready home on Sacramento St that may be a bit busy street. The house is charming. Its a typical 2-bed and 1-bath with just over 1,000 sq ft. But it didn't reach over $1,000/sq ft. So, it looks a great deal.

I think it's a great time to buy now. Don't wait till Spring when all buyers come back and try to buy before summer. Call me to discuss your needs and wants!

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